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Certified Public Accounting Consulting-Tax and Periodic Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

Tax Services:

  Quarterly and Annual Payroll Tax Filings and Returns

  Annual W2 and 1099 Filings

  Annual Individual, Partnership and Corporate Tax Returns

  Monthly-Quarterly-Annual-Write Up and Bookkeeping


   Monthly-Quarterly Consulting-Financial Statement Result.

   Simple reports for ROI and KPI

Due Diligence Services:

   Inventory Services 

   Inventory Inspection, Calculations, Reconciliations, Floor         Plans

   Asset Verification and Valuation Services

   Insurance Reviews-Procure Quote-Bind Policies

   Loan Packages-Assistance in Loan Package Preparation

   Manufacturer or Franchise Factory Submissions

   Licensing and Permits-Verify all state, county, and city

     licenses are proper.          

   Review all existing employee pay plans, benefits and


   Sales and Acquisitions:

     Calculate-Prepare-all “due to/due from” as per the APA          (Asset Purchase Agreement).

    Calculate all Prorations!

    Prepare Closing Statements.

    Reverification of Fixed Assets.

    Assistance with Management System data conversions            and Management System bids.

    List of pre closing and post-closing reminders.

    Assignment of Leases-data and documents are gathered        and prepared for execution.

Post Closing Services-buyer-seller:

    Set Up/Close Books-Trial Balances-Charts of Accounts.

    Vendor and Indirect Lending Agreements-buyer-seller.

    Manage funds to prevent comingling.

System Utilization:

    System Conversion Setups.

    Analysis of Management System, CRM bills, contract,


    Extract Data to excel or SQL Database for review and


    Review Processes in place and recommend 

       improvements or eliminate duplicate efforts.

    Consolidate tasks and look for automation!

    Enhance in-house setups and find errors in procedures.

    Develop internal controls.

    Train the team for forms optimization and overall 

       increased efficiency.

    Set up quick reports to replace manual functions.

    Review the current system to eliminate costly

       paperwork while staying in compliance.

    Recap monthly management and customer relation

       system cost.

Special Projects:

    Forensic Accounting. Fraud Detection.

    Year End Preparations, Reconciliations, Compilations,

        Reviews, and Audits.

    Cash Flow Audits.

    Factory or Franchise Audits or Submission.

    Document Audits.

    Compliance Audits.

    Inventory-Physical Count.

    Recovery of Unclaimed Earnings or Incentives.

    Recovery of Unclaimed Funds.

    Bank Reconciliations.

    Insurance Renewals.

    Fixed Asset Physical Inventory.

    Vendor Contracts-review, negotiate, and shop.

    Internal Controls-review, recommend, implement.

    Temporary Staffing.



Expert Guidance with a Personal Touch

When it comes to bookkeeping, tax preparation and all other accounting-related services in the Tampa Bay area, Diaz CPA Services will be your answer. After 40 years as a corporate CFO I have decided to use my real world experience to help small business owners and individuals feel like they have someone on their side instead of the usual hands off approach they are used to. I am passionate about my clients understanding their financial standing and maximizing their growth. If you are looking for a dynamic, ethical CPA, get in touch with us today.


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